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 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Many individuals believe that the only way to successfully treat carpal tunnel syndrome is with surgery, braces and long healing times. Summit Medical Care Center can successfully alleviate carpal tunnel pain and inflammation without drugs or surgery.

About Carpal Tunnel 

Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to the narrowing of the carpal tunnel and the inflammation and irritation of the median nerve. The median nerve starts in the neck then branches out. It travels down the arms though the wrist and into the hands. The finger flexor tendons, median nerve and certain blood vessels all run through the carpal tunnel, which is surrounded on three sides by the carpal bones. The top of the carpal tunnel is covered by the transverse carpal ligament.

It is a repetitive motion injury caused by repeatedly and constantly flexing the hand and wrist. Typists, mechanics, plumbers, assembly line workers and electricians are prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Our Approach

Carpal tunnel can start in the wrist or in the upper part of the spine. Our integrated medical team will perform a thorough examination and medical history to determine the exact cause of your hand and wrist pain and numbness.

We'll recommend the best treatment plan to suit your individual needs, such as chiropractic adjustments which are performed to realign the vertebrae in the upper back and the bones in the wrist. This alleviates the pressure on the median nerve and reduces inflammation. In addition, we may utilize ultrasound therapy, rest, stabilization braces, ice therapy and nutritional supplements. We can also advise you on proper posture while sitting and working at a desk.

No matter which holistic treatment we recommend, our goal is to gradually dissipate the pain and tingling sensations and restore proper function of the wrist, fingers and hand. 

If you are experiencing pain as a result of carpal tunnel syndrome in Broomfield, CO, call our medical clinic today to schedule an appointment.