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Allergy Testing 

Just as chiropractic techniques target multiple parts of your body, chiropractic care incorporates multiple methods of diagnosis and treatment. When our patients want relief from allergic reactions without the harsh side effects of medicinal drugs, Summit Medical Care Center is there to help. We offer several holistic and drug-free therapies to test and treat allergies with no use of needles or allergy shots. We offer sublingual immunotherapy

Identify Allergens with Allergy Testing

small child sneezing from allergies Allergic reactions are physically and mentally draining, especially if your allergens are commonplace in the Denver area. They can complicate asthma and other respiratory conditions, and they damage everything from your immune system to your muscles and nerves. Allergy testing helps us pinpoint muscle weaknesses that correspond to specific allergies, and makes it easier to identify the substances that cause adverse reactions.

Our testing method is also part of our treatment method. We use sublingual immunotherapy to trigger the saliva glands in your mouth, perform muscle tests as this reaction takes place, and use your physical symptoms to identify the oral drops that will work for you. We treat allergies like any other condition or symptom, zooming out to understand the various reactions, imbalances, and conditions that affect you.

After we test your allergies, we can get started on a treatment plan to gradually build your tolerance to their triggers. Sublingual immunotherapy is a great way to combat seasonal allergies, because it allows you to spend the "off-seasons" building your resistance to seasonal allergens. It targets a wider array of allergens than medicines or shots, and it is much more convenient than repeated trips to the doctor or doses of allergy medicine.

Build Tolerance with Sublingual Allergy Drops

"Sublingual" means "beneath the tongue", which is exactly where our allergy drops go. Like our allergy test, our allergy drops are completely non-invasive – no needles required! They're also safer for patients who are sensitive to harsh chemicals, and they reduce your need for Western allergy remedies, which are full of side effects that interfere with your ability to work, drive, sleep, and function at top capacity.

Immunotherapy combines treatment and prevention by gradually building your tolerance to specific allergens. The sublingual version involves drops, rather than multiple injections, and you can take these at home or on-the-go.   Simply place an allergy drop under your tongue once a day – or the recommended interval for your specific symptoms – and arm your body with the information it needs to resist allergens in the future.

At Summit Medical Care Center, sublingual immunotherapy is just one more example of the comprehensive approach we take with every patient. Your wellness is important to us, and we want to help you eliminate the obstacles that may complicate your progress toward a healthier, happier you. If allergies are among those obstacles, contact us today to learn more about sublingual immunotherapy. This non-invasive allergy treatment method starts at our care center and continues in your own home, causing long-term physiological changes instead of masking annoying symptoms.

Learn more about allergy testing at Summit Medical Care Center.